Thursday, June 15, 2017

Again, new plant additions

Hm, I am now sure I am addicted to buying plants...
So, I have a few new additions, just delivered.

We have mini-eggplant, bell pepper, another type of tomato (Venus, with purple stripes) and a lime.

 This is an azalea/rhododendron I got from the flower shop because I loved the flowers.

An update on my other plants: the cucumber has flowers! Now I have to figure out which are male and which are female so that I can pollinate it.

The cherry tomatoes are also flowering and I am pretty sure I saw a small tomato forming :D I am jumping with joy!

I also joined a forum for other nutcases like me (apartment gardeners, that is) and one of them gave me three hot peppers - Habanero Fatalii :)

So overall, it's an amazing week :)

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