Friday, June 9, 2017

New plants and new crops

I have to admit I am addicted to plant buying :)
Pretty soon I will run out of space in the sunny spots, but I am counting on the fact that some of the other things I planted will be done and I can re-use some of the containers/spots. So, when it comes to new stuff I planted, I have cucumbers (gherkin type because they make smaller cucumbers and are easier to grow in pots), a new type of PURPLE beans because they look funny and a horned African cucumber (that is supposed to taste strange) called Kiwano.
I also bought a Cranberry plant (Merisor), a hybrid between a raspberry and a strawberry called japanese Framberry and a  Honeyberry (Boaba de miere). 


I gave up on the spinach for now, I'll try again when it's colder. 
I am also very happy that my strawberries are having fruits - same with the beans. Now I realise that I actually don't like green beans at all :)) but it's so nice that they are growing. 

My tomatoes and my cucumbers are also doing very well, even if for the last few days it has been cold and raining. The tomatoes are flowering :)


  1. O gradina in toata regula ! Nu mai spun ca e plina de exotisme :) Framberry si boabe de miere ? Sper sa rodeasca toate, toate, ca se vede ca ti-e tare drag de ele.
    Rosiile arata tare bine si in curand o sa trebuiasca sa le sprijini. Ce soi sunt ?

    1. Cele crescute din seminte sunt rosii Sweetheart (seminte cumparate din supermarket) - teoretic sunt micute, deci merg crecute la ghiveci. Am mai cumparat rasaduri de rosii cherry (Tomaccio) si rosii Venus de la Toate infloresc cu spor :)
      Am cumparat si cateva plante "exotice" de curiozitate si pentru ca li se face reclama ca merg crescute in ghiveci. Acum sa vedem si daca vor sa rodeasca :))