Friday, June 23, 2017

Online shopping - AGAIN

Yes, yes, I have a problem. Most women buy shoes and clothes, I buy plants.
I found another website that sells plants in pots and went on a spree.
Mostly I bough flowers, but my colleague ordered a blueberry bush and I like the way it looks so I'll buy some of those also.

This was the haul - three types of Oleander (because I saw them before and I love them, even if the sap is toxic), three types of lavender (purple, pink and white), I finally got my potted lilac and also a Japanese Quince with red blossoms (that one was unusual, it's supposed to make fruit in winter but mine will wait until next year for sure).
I was kind of worried because the plants were VERY squished together in the box, but so far they seem to be doing fine. The red and the white oleanders are blooming, the pink one just got new leaves.

Red, pink and white oleander two days after I got them.

Lilac in a pot. Will wait until spring to see flowers.

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