Tuesday, May 2, 2017

About this blog

Hello there!
I am Madeline and I live in an apartment in the middle of a big city, but I have a passion for gardening. So, I had to find a solution to follow my passion even in these hard circumstances.
I started this blog because I want to keep track of the way my garden grows. If you end up liking it, more power to me :)
So, here is the bottom line:

I have a balcony that spans the length of 3 rooms, but it's kind of narrow (the before picture is above).
 The windows are facing North (I think! - I really should figure this out eventually :p ) but there are no tall buildings around so I get plenty of light, even if no direct sun. There is also a big tree that shades part of the balcony from hard sun.
I started planting stuff in March, so some of the plants are already (somewhat) grown.
I don't plan to grow the usual apartment plants, the main idea was to be able to grow some vegetables,  herbs and other eatable green things (so far I only got to use home-grown parsley and dill).

However, I am tempted to save flowers that struggle on the shelves of home improvement stores :)

I'll start with a post about the current state of the plants and post later updates, with links to the pages I used for learning how to care for them and websites where I bought the plants (if applicable).

Let's forge onward!

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