Thursday, May 11, 2017

New plants and seedlings

Ok, so I started the seedlings for the cherry tomato two days ago (I'll post a detailed update once they sprout) and went shopping for new plants.

I got a very colorful leafy plant that is supposed to do well in the shade - it's called Maranta (or Prayer plant) because in the evening it fold the leaves as in prayer).
It looks unusual and I like it! 

But the one that thrills me the most is the Camelia! I absolutely love this plant and I sure hope I can get this one to flower (I bought one with lots of  flower buds).

Like I mentioned, I also ordered a few more strawberries from (these are called Ostara) and I planted them outside. I wasn't impressed by the fact that they were basically roots, but it seems that's the way they are stored during the year. Let's hope they will like the weather and that they will grow.

Other than that, I started working on a vertical garden idea but I still have some way to go until I can post pictures (it involves a trellis and a window and some ribbons).

Maybe over the weekend I can finish it so that next week I can post pictures.
Oh, I forgot to mention, I also planted Fresia bulbs (blue and pink) and I plan to plant some ginger tonight (I put it in water for the time being).

Wish me luck!

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