Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Leafy green things

After a big fail with the lettuce (I love lettuce and tried to plant several types in pots, but it refused to grow) I decided to try something easier.

So, I now have parsley, dill, leaf celery (as opposed to the root type, this one grows tall stalks and many leaves), lovage (had to look up the translation for Leustean  :)) ), rosemary, mint, spinach and rucola.

These are the small pots for dill and parsley - ignore their sorry state, it's because we stripped the leaves to use in the kitchen :)
So far, these are the only home-grown food things we used in the kitchen :)
I bought the seeds and planted them in several small pots, so that we can switch them around when needed.

At first, I wanted to grow them on the kitchen windowsill, but it's a very shady place and they didn't do well, So now we keep two pots in the kitchen (the ones with the most leaves) and the rest on the balcony, where they get more light.

Now on the kitchen windowsill we have rosemary also - I bought that fully grown from a supermaket (P.S. I love that some supermarkets now sell potted greenery to use fresh).

The third pot is mint, which I also bough ready-grown in a pot (I also have seeds for it and also for basil, but they haven't sprouted yet).

We usually cut the big leaves from the mint and dry them, so that the plant will sprout more.

The celery and the lovage are still small, I planted the seeds a couple of weeks ago. These grow slower than parsley.

The same with the spinach - I planted it about a week ago and it barely sprouted - and the rucola I bought two days ago.

So this is what greens I have. i am really sorry I can't manage to make the lettuce grow, I love it :(

On to berries!

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