Sunday, May 21, 2017

My first harvest and my failures

I harvested the first "crop" today :))
It's an icicle - basically a type of radish that doesn't have a red color on the outside - I've never seen this type before and the picture on the seed package made me think it's a white carrot at first.

To be honest, I think it was supposed to grow for longer, but I was really excited o I pulled one out to see what it is.
The others seem to be doing really well - I planted them in a really deep pot so they should grow pretty long.
Now for the "not-so-good" - the other type of radishes I planted, the usual round red type, have really big leaves but no roots are thickening. I am not sure it's because they are too crowded, because I thinned one pot and left the other as it was.
I am upset because it's supposed to be an easy vegetable to grow in containers - mine seem to have too thin stalks and no roots.

Also, my Camellia is dropping the buds - I am not very worried yet, because I read that this happens sometimes when the plants have too many buds - and mine really has too many for its size.
for the moment, that is it.

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