Friday, May 5, 2017

Cooking and planting day :)

Today I started to cook something and of course I ended up planting stuff. Sounds crazy? Not really.
First, the garlic - I found that some of it started sprouting so I decided to try to plant it to see if it will grow.

There was some room left in the pot so I added a few ornion seeds also, because I bought a lot of it and I'll feel sorry if I don't use it.

By the way, the other batch of onions I planted a few days ago is sprouting nicely.

After I finished with the garlic, I went back to cooking and found that some of the potatoes also sprouted.

So, I decided to use the last large pot and the last of the soil to plant the one in the middle, since it seemed that it really wanted to become more than food :)

I know that sometimes you can cut a sprouted potato into pieces and plant them after a few days, but I didn't have the patience so I planted the whole thing.

I had to look up online if I'm supposed to plant it with the sprouted part upside or not :)

I tried to grow potatoes like this last year also, but the problem  was they didn't grow any leaves, just a very long stalk (and by that I mean it went up to one and a half meters...) . I tried to give them more light, different soil, but no leaves showed up. The two plants I got died in the aphids infestation I keep mentioning.

I plan to add more soil to this one once it grows a bit (and once I manage to buy more - seriously, I think I should consider buying a patch of land with the amount of soil I'm using :)) ).

Since I had my hands in the plants, I decided to plant the tomatoes also.

I started them from seeds and I made a mistake and added too many seeds in the small paper cup I used. My excuse is that I didn't expect all of the seeds to sprout - usually, when people try to sprout not all seeds manage.
Apparently the seeds you buy are far better - all 10 plants sprouted, even with the improvisation I did to give them enough light and heat.

The seeds turned into small plants very fast and they started growing roots through the bottom of the paper cup so I figured it was time to plant them.

I used a large pot since I know tomatoes grow big - I also plan to build a support system when they become taller.

The only thing I didn't have the courage to do yet is thin the plants - the advice is to pinch the smaller sprouts and leave only 1-2. My problem at the moment is that all of them are the exact same height :))

So I'll wait a bit until I start thinning them.

This is the before and after picture - I added a picture of the seeds I used for reference. I chose the heart-shaped tomatoes because as far as I know they are smaller so they can be grown in a pot.
I also have some cherry tomatoes seeds but I'll start those a little later, once these start growing.

Let's hope for the best :)

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